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Sustainability at
Coupa Inspire Americas


 Statement from Coupa

Coupa sees a global community of companies and leaders, united to make every business dollar spent more effective, equitable and sustainable. For us, sustainability is about doing the right thing and we are celebrating Earth Week throughout Coupa Inspire Americas by highlighting our commitment to protect the planet. We are taking carbon measurement seriously and incorporating detailed data from all vendors and our venue into a leading carbon measurement tool for large events- TRACE by Isla to allow us to set baselines and publish our findings post-Inspire. You will see how we’re incorporating sustainability throughout your entire experience at Inspire Americas. We know it is critical to work together to give back to society, open doors of opportunity to underrepresented communities and tackle climate change.

What you will experience:

  • Staffing, speaker and vendor choices will take diversity and inclusion into our planning and contracting decisions.
  • Food functions will offer vegetarian, vegan, and locally sourced options.
  • Unserved food will be quickly chilled and packaged for donation to local food pantries and served food waste will go to local compost facility.
  • Water stations will be available to fill your water bottle, reducing single use plastic bottles at Inspire.
  • Signs, banners, and expo items such as nonreusable carpet and building products are donated to local charities post-event.
  • Expo booths and furniture pieces are reuseable and built with sustainable materials.
  • All waste is sorted in a state-of-the-art facility back of house to divert from landfill.
  • Attendee and staff travel and onsite energy metrics are recorded and used to calculate the carbon footprint of Inspire. We will be offsetting the emissions from this year’s event.
  • For every attendee that participates in the 5K Inspire run, we will donate $35 to the Nature Conservancy Nevada Chapter.

Aria’s Sustainability Features

The development of the ARIA Resort was also a key milestone for environmental sustainability at MGM Resorts, reflecting a vision of the future that combines quality of life with a commitment to sustainable design. It is one of the world’s largest environmentally sustainable urban communities and we are committed to maintaining elevated green standards for both today and tomorrow.

  • Portion of on-site electricity is sourced from the MGM Resorts 100MW Meg Solar Array. This array can provide 90% of the daytime power needs of all MGM Resorts in Las Vegas.
  • The ARIA’s onsite heat & power plant generates 30% of the resorts electricity needs while using waste heat to warm water.
  • Digital system in rooms and outlets reduce the overall waste footprint.
  • ARIA and Vdara were built according to the highest green building standards during its development, earning six LEED Gold Certifications for Building Design & Construction. The commitment to environmental stewardship went beyond development and into operations. The ARIA Resort holds five Green Keys and five Green Keys for Meetings, attesting to its operational practices.
  • Learn more about the ARIA Resorts sustainability as well as the approach to sustainable events here.