Daniel Chan, Senior Software Engineer, Coupa

Daniel has worked at Coupa with the invoicing team for the last two years. He really enjoy building features that improve AP automation processes and drive compliance. The problems are challenging but make a real difference. Before joining Coupa he worked at the circus as well as the casino and gaming industry.

Kevin Chiu, Software Engineer, Coupa

Kevin was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from CMU in 2016 and is an avid fan of coffee and lox bagels. When not developing exciting new features for Coupa he can be found trying new restaurants.

Robert Hernandez, Software Engineer, Coupa

Robert Erick Hernandez is a central coast native from Salinas, California. He has worked at Coupa for more than two years in the Supplier/CSN team. When he is not adding new features like SMS for CSN or tackling bugs on SIM(Supplier Information Management), he is drinking freshly brewed tea. Welcome to Inspire!

Dmitry Landberg, Senior Software Engineer, Coupa

Dmitry was born and raised in Ukraine and moved to the US 5 years ago. He joined Coupa over a year ago and is working as a Senior Software Engineer in the Sourcing team.

Aaron McIntyre, Software Engineer, Coupa

Aaron is from Chico, Ca and joined Coupa last year in January. He is an Android Engineer who enjoys the mobile ecosystem. Aaron is currently working with expenses to create a beautiful mobile experience on Android.

Sandeep Singarapu, Lead Data, Coupa

Sandeep joined Coupa over an year ago as Lead Data Engineer. He loves solving Data problems to help take better business decisions.

Amy MacKinnon, Senior Software Engineer, Coupa

Amy MacKinnon is a Bay Area native and has been working at Coupa for 3 years. She is currently a Senior Software Engineer on the Procurement team working on just about everything. Past Inspire talks include: Added/Changed/Deleted Lines in the PO Liquid Template in 2015 and Supplier Item Custom Fields in 2016. In additional to programming, she loves live theatre, reading, and playing with her 2 daughters.

Ryan Zhou, Senior Software Engineer, Coupa

Ryan has been with Coupa for over a year as a Senior Software Engineer. He is an avid traveler who has been to over 25 countries! He is a food enthusiast with an adventurous palate who also enjoys board games and comics.

Rebecca Mengell, Software Engineer, Coupa

Rebecca has been with Coupa for 3 years as an engineer on the invoicing team, and has 10 years experience developing financial software. She is passionate about reducing the complexity of software while increasing functionality and reliability, and when not busy coding enjoys spending time with her family, long hikes, gardening, cooking and art projects.

Yatish Mehta, Software Engineer, Coupa

Yatish, an NC State graduate, is a software engineer in the Approvals Team at Coupa. To describe Yatish in a few words, he is committed to Rails, a staunch supporter of the open source community and devoted to studying design. His pastimes include donning a chef’s hat and cooking some scrumptious delicacies, or binge watching youtube videos and Netflix (who isn’t guilty of that!) He lives by the motto, “It’s simple until you make it complicated.”

Scott Yu, Software Engineer, Coupa

Scott has been with Coupa for 2 years and works closely with an awesome Inventory team. He used to be a UX designer for 10+ years but now he’s building and coding. He loves technology and wants to see teleportation happen in his lifetime. He doesn’t like traffic.

Chris Fung, Lead Software Engineer, Coupa

Chris has been with Coupa for over 4 years, during which time he has contributed to the company in many areas, from answering support calls, to helping build the Inventory and Global Compliance modules, to the Application Platform Team, where he helps advance the core platform and foundation of the app. Chris spent his early years studying pizzamancy from a nameless traveler, but after his mentor was tragically killed, Chris turned his power to seeking justice, no matter the cost.

Stephen Aghaulor, Senior Application Security Engineer, Coupa

Stephen is a recovering philosopher with 5 years under his Coupa belt. He’s donned many hats at Coupa including Support, Operations and now Development. Stephen has been working in AppSec for the last 1.5 years where he advises on security related issues as well as building security related product features. He and his wife love to travel. Stephen is an avid archer and is a board member and officer of the 500+ member San Francisco Archers archery club.

TJ Sanghvi, Director of Engineering, Coupa

TJ has been with Coupa for over 2 years and he is responsible for the Sourcing and Inventory module. TJ is passionate about solving customer problems and energizing engineering team to create awesome products.

Deepthi Somasunder, Development Manager, Coupa

Deepthi Somasunder is the manager the approvals team at Coupa Software. She loves delivering clean, easy to use, intuitive software that solves complex business problems. She constantly seeks new experiences and does not shy away from the unexpected. She likes to travel, read, and hang out with her two young sons, ages 7 and 3.

Alex Mekhovov, Senior Software Engineer, Coupa

He is a happy beer drinker. He has been working for Coupa over 4 years. Worked on Sourcing. Now he is in Supplier team developing SIM and making CSP more awesome. He has moved from Ukraine to Germany to enjoy fresh brewed german beer, because german beer is the best beer in the world. He dreams of opening his own beer brewery to brew delicious banana beer.

Carl Rydbeck, Sr. Director of Product Management, Coupa

Carl is Senior Director of Product Management for the Coupa Platform. As such his responsibilities includes all the cross-module functionality in Coupa, as well as integrations, performance, technology infrastructure, globalization, and UX.

Before Coupa, Carl spent 8 years as a venture capitalist with Crosslink Capital investing primarily in enterprise technology companies, including SaaS, cloud infrastructure and Big Data. Before Crosslink, Carl was a management consultant at Marakon Associates, advising F2000 management teams on corporate strategy. Carl began his career in product development at Loudcloud/Opsware, an early pioneer in cloud infrastructure as a service and data center management software. Carl was born in Stockholm, Sweden and holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NC State University.

Andy Chiang, Director of Product Management, Coupa

Andy Chiang is a Director of Product Management at Coupa, leading the Sourcing and Invoicing areas of the product suite. Andy has over 25 years of experience in the enterprise software space. He came to Coupa from The Gap, where he directed product management for the Supply Chain organization.

Andy enjoys running and raising bees (sometimes at the same time). Andy holds a bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

Scott Harris, Director of Product Management, Coupa

Scott Harris is the Director of Product Management at Coupa for Supplier Information Management, Coupa Risk Aware, and the Coupa Supplier Portal. He has over 10 year of product management and consulting experience. In his last 5 years at Coupa he has designed and rolled out Coupa's Sourcing module, Coupa's original mobile expenses app, the new Coupa Supplier Portal and Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN), Supplier Information Management, and now Coupa Risk Aware. He is motivated by emerging technology and is constantly working to incorporate the latest trends in Coupa. He holds several patents for enterprise S2P software and has an engineering degree and an MBA, both from UC Berkeley.

Susie West, CEO and Founder at sharedserviceslink

Susie West is the CEO and Founder at sharedserviceslink, and proudly labels herself as a shared services geek. She has been in the shared services industry since 1998. In 2007 she set up sharedserviceslink, a leading global business community for professionals looking to improve performance in shared services. Her central aim is to help individuals, companies and the market mature through the sharing and consumption of (mostly peer generated) best practice information. The sharedserviceslink team is based in New York and London.

Susie has chaired over 60 conferences, presented at over 80 events, and presented on over 200 webinars, mainly on shared services, outsourcing, business process, P2P, and many associated subjects.

Kevin Moss Vice President, Commercial Business Development, Staples

Kevin joined Staples in July of 1998 and currently is responsible for the Commercial and Enterprise Business Development Team. This role includes growth strategies, overseeing all customer acquisition activities, sales training, sales management, and associate development programs.

Kevin is also currently President of the Staples Foundation Board Alumni Group. Prior to his current role, Kevin led the Mid-Market Sales Team for Staples Business Advantage. Before joining Staples, Kevin worked at Standard Coffee for 15 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science from The State University of New York at Albany.

Karim Zuhri, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Egencia

Karim Zuhri joined Egencia in 2015 and is focused on strategic technology initiatives that maximize program savings and traveler satisfaction and efficiency.

Prior to joining Egencia, Karim was a management and strategy consultant for several global and multi-national companies. Most recently, Karim was a Business Planning Manager at Amadeus IT Group taking care of global distribution product strategy.

Martin Ertl, General Manager, Coupa CLM

Martin is the General Manager of Coupa CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management). He was the founder and CEO of Contractually, with a vision to make the job of dealing with contracts easier for everyone. Coupa acquired Contractually to incorporate contract authoring and collaboration as part of its spend management suite.

Martin previously co-founded Navarik, a SaaS company for oil producers to manage global cargo inspections, where he structured and negotiated contracts with customers such as Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Chevron and the government of Venezuela. He is a lawyer by background and practised law at Davis LLP (now DLA Piper). He holds a physics degree from UBC and a law degree with distinction from McGill.

Keri Baldinger, Director of Strategic Sourcing, Highmark Health

Keri Baldinger is a results driven Procurement Professional with a broad scope of experience including Procure to Pay Implementation/Process, Project Management, Category Management/Strategy, Sourcing, Contract Negotiation, Client/Supplier Relations, Statistical Forecasting/Demand Planning, Supply Planning, and Conflict Resolution. She possesses 15 years of proven ability in leading successful projects resulting in millions of dollars in savings, creating and implementing process improvements and streamlining operations for business efficiency.

Keri was responsible for implementing Coupa’s Procure to Pay and Contract Lifecycle Management Modules at Highmark Health.

Courtney McGovern Senior Director, Head of Contracts, Capital One

Courtney McGovern is the Head of Contracts at Capital One, a Fortune 200 Company. She has over twelve years of experience in contracting in both the US and the UK. She leads Capital One’s contracting teams, and in the past four years has led several transformation efforts that focus on process simplification and associate empowerment.

Courtney is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, the Indiana University School of Law, and the Kelley School of Business.

Kendra Von Esh Executive Strategic Advisor, Coupa

Kendra Von Esh, a former CIO at Veolia, has been a trusted advisor and CIO for the past decade developing value added strategies and solutions transforming businesses with technology. She has experience merging multiple lines of business and rationalizing application portfolios leveraging cloud strategies and solutions, thereby enabling IT to be agile enough to support a constantly changing business landscape.

Von Esh joined Coupa last year to leverage her experience and active involvement in CIO communities and industry boards to create inspiring dialogue and change strategies with internal and external IT communities

Oscar Nafarrate Chief Information Officer, Grupo Herdez

Oscar Nafarrate is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Grupo Herdez. Grupo Herdez is the leading producer of shelf-stable foods, and one of the main players in the ice cream category in Mexico. The company is also one of the leaders in the Mexican food category in the United States.

Nafarrate served as a consultant for 17 years in different Latin American countries, creating business and operational strategies mainly in consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Nafarrate earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Tec de Monterrey.

Gabe Perez General Manager, Power Applications, Coupa

As General Manager of Power Applications, Gabe Perez has global responsibilities for go-to- market strategies across Coupa's Power Applications (Sourcing, Supplier Information Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Inventory, Analytics and Perfect Fit Insights).

Gabe has been at Coupa for more than 6 years. He has held many roles, from being a project manager to running our pre-sales team globally, prior to that he worked at Ariba where he participated in many global rollouts of their software.

Chris Barker Senior Director IT, Capital One

Chris Barker is a Senior Director for Capital One Financial Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and one of the leading financial services companies in the nation. Capital One is one of the top 10 banks in the country, with branch locations across New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Chris has 15 years of experience in technology and solutions delivery and has held numerous positions across the software delivery lifecycle. Chris has led successful implementations of corporate ERP, HR, and Risk systems where he leveraged the latest technology advances to solve problems, increase efficiencies, and enable customers. Chris’ expertise lies in aligning technology initiatives with business goals – ensuring a focus on customer experience, simplification, and innovation. Chris currently leads Capital One’s Enterprise Supplier Management’s (ESM) Technology and Infrastructure group, where he is responsible for setting the strategy and overseeing the implementation of technology solutions. Chris has most recently led ESM through a massive Source to Pay transformation that included implementing Coupa across three continents.

David Hearn Independent CPO Advisor

David Hearn has lead global indirect procurement organizations inside technology and healthcare companies for his entire career. He was the Indirect Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) at Sun Microsystems, Kaiser Permanente, and most recently at Juniper Networks. At all three companies, Hearn drove the change management of major enterprise resource planning (ERP) system replacements, as well as drove the business process change at all three companies to become world class in their management of the Procure-to-Pay processes.

Hearn enjoys building a strong, world-wide team of professionals in sourcing and supplier management. He increases his team’s value to the organization by lowering the total cost of ownership (e.g. cost, quality, service, support, innovation) of purchased materials and services. Hearn is now providing consulting services to CPO's, procurement professionals, and Coupa.

Hearn earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master’s of Business Administration in Management and Operations from University of Michigan – Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Maggie Joy Product Manager, Expenses, Coupa

Maggie Joy is a Product Manager at Coupa and leads development of expense products for the Company.

Before becoming a product manager, Maggie was a Senior Implementation Manager leading successful implementations at more than thirty Coupa customers across healthcare, retail, financial, and technology verticals.

Before joining Coupa, Maggie was a Senior Managing Consultant at IBM responsible for the delivery of a global SAP warranty system across eighty countries on six continents.

Maggie holds a BS in International Business from Clarkson University. She lives in Annapolis, MD with her husband.

Mark Dotinga Chief Financial Officer, Lagunitas

Mark Dotinga is the Chief Financial Officer at Lagunitas Brewing Company, the purveyor of the number one IPA in the USA.

Prior to Lagunitas, Dotinga was Finance Director of Brasseries de Bourbon, a HEINEKEN brewery and Coke bottling company located in La Reunion (France). At Brasseries de Bourbon, Dotinga further professionalized the accounting, controlling and IT departments.

In 2011, Dotinga was a Business Controller for HEINEKEN Western Europe Region, working directly with the finance teams in Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium and Export. At the same time, Dotinga joined the Management Development program of HEINEKEN in 2012 and 2013 and completed his Executive MSc in Finance & Control.

Prior to HEINEKEN, Dotinga worked for 3 years at Lehman Brothers in London in the Consumer M&A team and as a youth he spent time in various countries such as UK, Brunei, Egypt and The Netherlands.

Dotinga earned a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Groningen.

Daniel Cameron, SVP Global Procurement, Pearson

Dan is a Chartered Accountant who was introduced to the Procurement function in the capacity of performance measurement and programme management during a major transformation project at Cable & Wireless.

He took this experience to the Royal Mail where he led a 4-year transformation programme that resulted in a total Procurement process and systems change and received broad acclaim across the profession.

In 2010, Dan joined Goldman Sachs as head of Procurement for EMEA, and for the past three years until April 2016 has been the Co-CPO for the Global Procurement team. Now Dan has taken on a newly created role as the SVP leading Global Procurement at Pearson Plc, the world largest education company. With a global remit for Technology, Indirect and Content sourcing, and team's primarily located in London and New Jersey.

Rudy Batts, Director of Procurement, Slack

Rudy has over 18 Years of Procurement & Sourcing experience in industry leading organizations. He is a builder working to transform the future of the Procurement profession.

His procurement fundamentals were developed while working at for the likes of Intel & Symantec. He later led Data Center Site Selection sourcing efforts at Salesforce during a period of incredible growth. Most recently Rudy established the Procurement and Travel function at Zendesk. He is currently the Director of Procurement at Slack where he is once again starting a Procurement function and is driving to simplify the buying experience.

Rudy graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. He also served as a former White House intern, in the Office of National Service.

Micaela Giocondi, CPO, Engie Italy

Micaela Giocondi is the CPO of Engie Italy since 2007, when she joint the group, she is member of entity Efficiency Board, aiming to optimize processes and costs. At the Paris headquarter, she is in charge of group projects, related to supplier management. She previously was senior account manager at BravoSolution, where she coordinated strategic sourcing and cost reduction plans for different multinational customers. She started her career in the stainless steel industry, in Thyssen Krupp - and after in the Anglo-Swedish company, Avesta Sheffield, as commercial director of the cold rolled products.

She has a degree in business administration at Bocconi University of Milan. ENGIE develops its businesses (power, natural gas, energy services) around a model based on responsible growth to take up today’s major energy and environmental challenges: meeting energy needs, ensuring the security of supply, fighting against climate change and maximizing the use of resources. ENGIE employs 154,950 people worldwide in over 70 countries. ENGIE in Italy has a leading position in the key sectors of the gas, the production and sale of electricity and the supply of energy efficiency services. With more than 2,800 collaborators in over 50 offices throughout the country, ENGIE is the first operator in energy services, the fourth in the gas sector, the sixth in electricity. It is present in all segments, from residential to commercial, public and private, to the small and large industry.

Tony Tiscornia, Vice President, Finance and Controller, Coupa

Tony Tiscornia is Vice President of Finance & Controller at Coupa Software. Tony began his 18 year finance career in public accounting with KPMG, and subsequently worked for several startup, high growth, and large public companies in various corporate finance and accounting roles. Tony has been with Coupa for more than 4 years. After starting with a 3 person accounting team using Quickbooks, Tony has led the controller organization as it has scaled to a team of 20. Along the way, the team has scaled accounting operations to more than a dozen international locations, completed 4 successful financial statement audits, performed multiple ERP upgrades, an IPO and a recent 10-K and successful Secondary Offering. All along, Tony and his team have been heavy users of the Coupa platform.

Anju Gupta, Director of Product Management, Coupa

Anju is the Director of Product Management of Procurement and Contract Lifecycle Management at Coupa. In this role, she works with customers ranging from mid-market to large enterprises to build innovative products and solve business challenges in spend management.

Anju has over 15 years of experience building supply chain applications and has managed products across the Supply Chain function, including Procurement, Manufacturing and Asset Management at Coupa, SIMCO and Oracle in both engineering and product management roles.

Steve Deol, Product Manager, Coupa

Steve Deol is a Product Manager on the Coupa Supplier Team focused on Supplier Information Management. He has spent 7 years helping solar, semi-conductor, food & beverage, steel, timber, oil/gas and city infrastructure become more efficient by leveraging hardware, software and services as a solutions engineer. Prior to Coupa helped scale a startup developing Influencer/Creator Management, Revenue Reconciliation, Global Cash Distribution & Analytics software for online video media companies driving the product vision, sales and operations. He has been at Coupa for 1 year has updated the UX/UI for Coupa Supplier Portal, introduced SMS notifications for suppliers and introduced major features for SIM. He holds an Industrial Engineering degree from California Polytechnic University of San Luis Obispo.

Kieran Brady, Vice President of Global Technical Support and Support Account Management, Coupa

Kieran leads a Support Team located in 4 global centres, San Mateo – California, Reno - Nevada, Dublin - Ireland and Pune – India, providing 24-hour support. Since joining Coupa in 2013 Kieran has led a Support transformation program focusing on People, Process and Technology. Kieran believes Support plays an influential role in enabling customers to be successful using Coupa.

Prior to Coupa, Kieran worked for Symantec managing a global team of over 500+ Technical Support Engineers in 12 strategic locations delivering world-class support.

Don Darby, General Manager of Coupa Advantage, Coupa

Don is the General Manager of Coupa Advantage where he runs sales, marketing, operations and strategy for the program. He was most recently COO of Kinetix Technology Services, a MSP(managed serviced provider) that provides outsourced IT to over 100 Silicon Valley technology startups, where he drove 4x growth in less than 3 years. Prior to that, he was COO of EZShield, a Palo Alto, CA based identity theft protection company, where he was COO and led the company’s client services, legal, customer support and sales teams to drive more than 3x sales growth in four years. Don worked at Ariba from 2000 – 2009 where he ran global sales operations and also was the Sr. Director of the Supplier Solutions team that drove value to the supplier community leveraging the Ariba Supplier Network.