day two: sessions and time

12:10 – 12:55 – Breakout E

McKinsey's Journey to Digital Excellence in Source-to-Pay (S2P)
Mauro Erriquez, Partner - McKinsey & Company
Teresa Liptak, Procurement and Supply Management Expert - McKinsey & Company
Amit Duvedi, Vice President Business Strategy - Coupa
(Room - California West)

Session provides an overview of why McKinsey embarked on internal digitization of S2P, the framework used for assessing current state, and why McKinsey chose Coupa to achieve digital excellence in S2P.


A Change is Gonna Come
Danny Abichandani, Deloitte Canada
Kent Ly, TD Bank
(Room - Tower Salon A)

To achieve the full benefits of Coupa Math, adequate investment in change management, active engagement from stakeholders, and sponsors. In this session, two Coupa customers will share their experiences around using change management to transform their company's spending without disruption.


Practical Advice from Spend Management Experts
Pete Loughlin, Managing Director and Managing Editor - Purchasing Insight
Wade Lyons, Vice President of Global Procurement - Teleperformance
Philip White, Advisor Procurement Systems and Processes - OLX
(Room - California East)

A panel of Spend Management experts led by Pete Loughlin will discuss topics such as:

  • tips for rolling out a new program and change management advice
  • how to get organizational buy-in
  • ways to measure value delivered
  • suggestions for minimizing maverick behavior and policing deliberate maverick behavior
  • categories where it may be reasonable to have as exceptions to the P2P process
  • global project rollout learnings and discussions


Setting Clear and Measurable Success Goals to Drive Maximum Value
Jimmy Hallsworth, Director Corporate Purchasing - Pilot Thomas
Rone M. Luczynski, Managing Director, Procurement & Supply Chain - Service Corporation International  
Eric Schrader - Vice President Global Professional Services - Coupa
Craig Yee - VP Professional Services Strategic Operations - Coupa
(Room - Elizabethan AB)

Implementing a Coupa solution is more than just implementing technology; it's about transforming your business. This session will help you understand how setting clear and measurable success goals will help you drive maximum value - both during implementation and ongoing for long term success.

In this session, you'll hear how Pilot Thomas and SCI improved their transformation results by setting and delivering on their success goals.


Transforming the Supplier Information Management Process
Craig Culver, Director Global Supply Chain - Woodward, Inc.
Scott Harris, Director Product Management - Coupa
(Room - Elizabethan CD)

In this session you'll learn about a new product introduced with Coupa's January, 2016 release (Release 14) - Supplier Information Management (SIM).

With SIM you'll be able to improve supplier relationships by making it easy for suppliers to maintain their information using Open Business Network(TM), and to keep business flowing without interruption. Right-time participation puts requests for information in the context of receiving a PO or submitting an invoice. Your AP and vendor management teams will be thrilled to be able to easily define the data sets needed across the business for regulatory and company compliance, and to stop chasing suppliers for missing information.

2:45 – 3:30 – Breakout F

Supplier Enablement Value: The Path to 100%
Christopher S. Sawchuk, Principal & Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader - The Hackett Group
Amy Fong, Procurement and Purchase to Pay Advisory - The Hackett Group
Richard Landerholm, Global Supplier Manager - Woodward, Inc.
Myron Gramelspacher, VP, Global Logistics & Indirects - Greif, Inc.
Meredith Volpe, Accounts Payable - Greif, Inc.
Adam Alphin, Director Supplier Enablement Services - Coupa
(Room - California West)

Join The Hackett Group to discuss recent poll data showing companies typically set a goal of less than 50% enablement of suppliers. What's even more interesting is that none of the respondents set their goal as 100% enablement. The Hackett Group, Woodward, Greif and Coupa will review Hackett's research, discuss the state of supplier enablement, and share stories of how giving suppliers options can result in overall project success and maximum value to your bottom line.

  • See how your organization stacks up
  • Hear best practices for driving high adoption among suppliers
  • Learn how Coupa's patent pending Supplier Actionable Notifications can eliminate supplier enablement work by asking the question 'Why have supplier enablement at all?'


Integrating Coupa with Your Enterprise Applications
Alejandro Picasso Garcia, IT Manager - Coca-Cola Femsa
Saket Srivastava, Director Business Applications and BI - Guidewire Software
Rajiv Ramachandran, VP Integrations & Supplier Enablement - Coupa
(Room - Tower Salon A)

The cloud has forever transformed the way business is done in the modern age. As companies look to the cloud to extend the value of their ERP investments and consolidate systems, questions on cloud security, hosting, scalability and integration strategy are often front and center. Learn how the Coupa cloud quickly delivers business value and agility with decreased risk for companies around the world.

Quickly connecting SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Great Plains, Sage, Intaact and other ERPs will be the focus of this session. However, easily and quickly integrating any third party system to Coupa will be covered since ERP is only one of the systems most customers connect to Coupa.

Hear from Coca-Cola Femsa and Guidewire Software about their integration efforts and experience connecting Coupa to their backend systems.


The FINTECH Revolution - Embracing the Future of B2B Commerce
David Desharnais, SVP, Digital & Commercial Platforms - American Express
(Room - California East)

The reality of the payment process is that it’s very complex system that can lead to many challenges for CFO’s and Treasurers including:

  • poor visibility into payments
  • increase in costs due to payments being handled manually
  • delays for invoice submission
  • lack of control due to not being able to show cash flow accurately

Understanding these barriers facing today’s executives, new technologies are changing the way how companies handle their cash flow and show spend visibility. American Express continues to be a leader in the evolution of the payments sector, and after this session attendees will walk away with valuable insights to evaluate payment processes and how to optimize.


From Dev to You - Coupa Developers Describe turning Visions Into Reality
Jon Buckbee, Senior Director Enterprise Supplier Management - Capital One
Bobby Monahon, Senior Software Engineer - Coupa
Matt Pasquini, Principal Engineer - Coupa
Deepthi Somasunder, Principal Engineer - Coupa
Stephen Aghaulor, Application Security Engineer - Coupa
Yao Yao, Senior Software Developer - Coupa
(Room - Elizabethan AB)

In the same way Farm to Table became a movement in the restaurant industry, Coupa is starting a movement with Dev to You. Learn how a new idea goes from initial concept to full production feature for you, your end users and suppliers. This is a no walls session and you'll get to meet and hear directly from the Coupa Developers that make vision a reality.

Hear from the Coupa Champion Customer as he shares his perspective of working with Coupa.


What Impact will Cognitive Computing have on Procurement Decision Making and How Can You Prepare?
Michael O'Leary, Director, IBM Emptoris Procurement Solutions
(Room - Elizabethan CD)


Most of you have heard of IBM Watson, but have you heard of how Procurement organizations are tapping into the same technology today to help them make better decisions in managing there procurement processes and their supply chains?


Join IBM in this session and learn how your organization can tap into the Watson Cognitive cloud and become a part of the next wave procurement thought leaders. You will also see how Analytics; real time, predictive and cognitive can shape the future of your supply chain and see how IBM clients are using the Cognitive Computing competitive advantage.

3:45 – 4:30 – Breakout G

How Knowing Your End User Delivers Value
Todd Dooley, VP Finance - H&R Block
Judy Bowen, Director Enterprise Payables - H&R Block
John Hu, VP Client Services - The Shelby Group
(Room - California West)

Will you achieve the expected payoff on your investment in procurement optimization? Only if your Procurement strategies, processes and technologies are carefully integrated along with your End User’s procurement scope in mind.

Optimization requires a level of understanding of your End User’s procurement needs in order to establish the upfront infrastructure / procurement pathways to support. Join experts from The Shelby Group discuss optimization success.

Know Me - How understanding your end user translates into results at H&R Block. Anticipating user needs and pre filling shopping to deliver value.


Lessons in Scaling for Growth
Mark Arrigotti, Global Procurement Operations, Uber
Caroline Coates, Business Operations Systems Analyst, Box
Kaushik Hansjee, Finance Director - Anacor
Phil Foti, Senior Solutions Consultant - Coupa
(Room - Tower Salon A)

Rapid growth is great, but it can overwhelm financial systems and resources. The volume of paper - POs, invoices and expense reports - explodes, while controls weaken and spend visibility disappears. A growing company needs to focus on their products and customers while optimizing cash flow, cycle times and productivity per employee. Legacy systems and business-as-usual attempts at automating these processes won’t cut it and risk increases without automation.

Uber leverages Coupa to controle costs and globalize operations efficiently. Box had previously leveraged Coupa to help prepare for an IPO, and they continue to leverage Coupa to maintain control over cost and avoid overspending.

Anacor is experiencing wide-scale growth and needs to scale quickly. They picked Coupa to help them implement new processes and systems and move away from manual transactions.

Topics include:

  • Spend management value in growing businesses
  • Strategically Decide Overspend
  • 100% Mobility on 100% True Cloud
  • Automation to Reduce Risk
  • Contract Compliance
  • Optimizing Cash flow
  • Lower cycle times
  • Increasing spend visibility
  • Agility


Overview of Coupa Release R15
Jake Adger, Product Marketing - Coupa
Andrew Chiang, Director - Product Management - Coupa
Tim Durkin, Product Management - Coupa
Justin Mehta, Director - Product Management - Coupa
Donna Wilczek, VP Strategy and Product Marketing - Coupa
(Room - California East)

Coupa is at it again! Take a look at Coupa's newest release... Release 15. Learn about the Power of We and how working together with customers delivers success. The Coupa Product Management team will show how the Coupa One Stream product principle of breaking down artificial walls between upstream and downstream business processes continues to spread with our newest release. Features across the product suite from Expenses to Procurement to Invoices to Analytics and more will be explained.

Release 15 is the 2nd release of the year and Release 16 will be here soon in September!


From Dev to You - Coupa Developers Describe turning Visions Into Reality
James Bargerbos, System Administrator - Ausdrill, Ltd.
Bobby Monahon, Senior Software Engineer - Coupa
Brent Wooden, Tech Director, Application Platform - Coupa
Brian Farr, Senior Software Engineer - Coupa
Amy MacKinnon, Software Engineer - Coupa
Chris Fung, Lead Software Engineer - Coupa
(Room - Elizabethan AB)

In the same way Farm to Table became a movement in the restaurant industry, Coupa is starting a movement with Dev to You. Learn how a new idea goes from initial concept to full production feature for you, your end users and suppliers. This is a no walls session and you'll get to meet and hear directly from the Coupa Developers that make vision a reality.


Getting Everyone on the Same Digital Page with Coupa Contract Collaboration
Martin Ertl, General Manager Contract Lifecycle Management - Coupa
(Room - Elizabethan CD)

In this session you'll learn about one of Coupa's newest products--Contract Collaboration. With this new offering you'll be able to reduce the risk of lost or unnoticed redlines and real-time collaborate on any contract. Manage the process of collaboratively authoring, reviewing, and signing contracts directly within Coupa to avoid errors and increase efficiency.

Contracts executed using Coupa Contract Collaboration are automatically part of the Procure to Pay process so that users can start realizing the benefits immediately.